From the recording The Living Tree


Washed Away
Lyrics and music by Kiya Heartwood
©2005 Outlaw Hill Music BMI

What can I tell you?
It’s been a hard summer,
bombs in the subway and water’s too high.
Nothing makes sense here, some call Armageddeon.
Some shut down in silence or scream at the sky.

But I’m looking for answers and feeling so helpless.
I know we all do what we can but we’re standing on rooftops
in need of assistance,
praying we won’t go under again.

Washed away
Washed away

I’ve seen the lines on the faces of people pushed harder
harder and harder and harder each day.
Too tired to get angry or fight off injustice
when there’s dishes to wash and bills to get paid.

And I feel like a trumpet in the Salvation Army,
standing in snow and begging for change.
I’ve got my uniform but they pretend not to see me.
They never hear the hymns that we play.


I’m singing in riddles.
My comforts in poetry.
Too many nights of Yeats and Shakespeare.
I’m dreaming of gentleness, courage, and mercy.
Leaders of hope
with vision that’s clear.

I know I’m a dreamer
but I’m in good company.
Dreams will heal us and carry us on.
The waters of kindness,
waters of sympathy,
rising up, making us strong.


What can I tell you? Its been a hard summer............