Kiya gives lay sermons and singing sermons on a number of topics at Unitarian Universalist Churches across the United States and Canada.

Sermon topics examples:

Old Ways to New Worlds: Deep Ecology, Green Shinto and Reclaiming

For a more environmentally sustainable future, we need a new ethical, spiritual model where science and religion are integrated and humans are a part, not rulers over the Earth. Join us this Sunday as we seek out this “new” way through the work of modern practitioners of ancient faith traditions from around the world.

Gone to Texas: Rev. Mary C. Billings ( 1824-1904) and Rev. Mariana Thompson Folsom (1845-1909 ) Grassroots Suffrage and the Texas Mission.

Portraits in Social Justice- Songs and stories of Mother Jones, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Verdran Smailovic and the Kung Doc Workers.
Includes songs: Dishpan Brigade, Family Man, Adagio and Carolina.
What makes an activist? When should we choose to stand up for what we believe in?  

Adventures in Unitarian Universalist Hymnology
A trip through our UU Hymnal. An overview of the major players in liberal theology from the early Christians to the present and explanations of the codes and symbols loaded in our hymnal.

"When Smart People Fail"
On Failure. How failures sometimes open the door to great success. Thoughts and strategies to move through your failures and glean insights that lead to better futures. A discussion of "failing forward."

"One Big Union"
Songs and stories of the International Workers of the World, otherwise known as the "Wobblies." Started by the likes of Mother Jones, Eugene Debs and Big Bill Haywood .The Wobblies invented the sit down strike and worked hard for free speech. The songwriter and activist Joe Hill was a " Wobbly" as was " The Rebel Girl" Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. What can we learn from their struggles that could help us in the 21st century?

The War of Art                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Based on the book of the same title by Steven Pressfield. What if we really follow our soul's calling and become our best selves? What are the reasons for Resistance winning most of the time? A frank talk about fear and self realization whether you are called to be an artist or entrepreneur, or have another path.

The Gaia Psalms 
A performance art worship service/Earth mass with music composed by Kiya Heartwood and a litany by Rev. Meg Barnhouse and Kiya Heartwood.

A performance art worship service based on our origins in Africa. We are all related. Music composed by Kiya Heartwood . Litany by Rev. Meg Barnhouse and Kiya Heartwood.

"Carols and Holiday Songs"
This singing sermon explores the origins and stories around our holiday carols and traditions. Especially the carols with Unitarian and Universalist origins.

Hedonistic Simplicity- Inspiration and concepts for sustainablity in the 21st century. Bjarke Ingels, Permaculture and more.

Please contact us for more possibilities.
Classes, Concerts and workshop options can be combined.

Kiya is a gifted storyteller and a trained composer. She has a number of choir pieces and performance art worship services. Let's talk about working together with your minister and/or choir director.

Short bio:
Kiya Heartwood (Stealin Horses, Wishing Chair) is an award-winning UU singer-songwriter. Kiya tours nationally and internationally as a solo artist and as the "band" for her life partner Rev. Meg Barnhouse. Originally from Kentucky, Kiya makes her happy home in Austin, TX. Kiya has a B.A. in Creative Writing from the Honors program at the University of Kentucky, a B.A. in Music Composition from Converse College in South Carolina and a M.A. in Cultural Studies (Folklore) from Norwich University in Vermont. She is currently studying at Starr King School for the Ministry in their MDiv. program.



Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops (A session is roughly 50 minutes)
These classes and workshops can be added to any concert or festival performances for a package rate.

The Writing Way-
A 1-6 session workshop that samples a variety of writing genres from short stories and poetry to songwriting. Fast paced supportive and full of promps to get you inspired and putting your heart on the page.

Music and lyric workshop 1-3 sessions

Poetry- Basic free form to form based workshop. 
1-2 sessions

Street Theory- Useful music theory for all kinds of musicians. 1-3 sessions

Sound-  A basic beginner sound engineer workshop.
1 session.

Ransom Note Poetry- Its a poetry workshop. It's an art project. It is serious collage fun!
1-2 sessions

Better Guitar- 1-3 sessions
Chords, scales, strums, theory, alternate tunings.

Performance Art Worship-1-2 sessions
How to create and support mult-dimensional worship services in your congregation.

Basic Touring 101- (1 session) How to tour smart and safe and get home with money in your pocket.



"Kiya visited our church in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and rocked the house!  With her thought-provoking and inspiring 'sermon set to music' about Mother Jones, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Verdran Smailovic, and the Kung Doc Workers, we were enthralled with stories of their passion and with hers.  We are already looking forward to her next visit."
                   - Kat Closmann
                     Unitarian Universalist Church of Bartlesville, OK