We Can Sing! The Community Singing Project

Everyone has a human right to sing. You can learn to song lead and sing with a group regardless of your knowledge of music notation. Here are videos and tutorials to help you. Singing makes a person happier and healthier, and you can even make more friends and help the planet. I hope you enjoy this page. Cheers!


Dr. Ysaye Barnwell writes:

" Anyone leading a community sing must be convinced that the people sitting before them, no matter their innate talent, can make beautiful music. They also need to be able to instill that confidence in the group. “It is a joy to get people who are uncomfortable, who say, ‘I can’t sing but I sure would love to,’ to be in the midst of other people and in two hours sound like a choir,” Ysaye Barnwell says. “I really believe that by the end of the evening we can sing something in six parts or eight parts.”

Definition of Community Singing from Merriam Webster:

": unrehearsed mass singing of familiar songs by any assemblage or audience>"


Presentation Instructions:'Welcome to this Community Singing Project.

Please watch the videos and check out the Resources links. Question? Please write Kiya at: kiyaheartwood@gmail.com. The videos are in order. but if you don't think you can sing, please watch Deke's video first.