Song Tales from the American Edge 2015 Summer 2015 European Tour

Galway Fringe Festival  Galway Ireland July 26, 2015 at 8 pm
Ventnor Fringe Festival Isle of White, UK August 11th and12th at 8 pm
Glasgow, Scotland UK August 16th
Edinburgh Fringe St. Bride's Acoustic Music Center Edinburgh, Scotland August 17th and 18th 8:15 pm Back Room

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Song Tales from the American Edge

Poster by Joanna Johnson

Poster by Joanna Johnson

Award winning singer-songwriter and storyteller Kiya Heartwood announced today that her one woman show, Song Tales from the American Edge will be a part of the Orlando International Fringe Festival in Orlando, Florida. Kiya Heartwood is an international touring singer-songwriter and storyteller who “sings tales of underdogs from all over, with a distinctly American, soulful sincerity.” From tales of racehorses like Man O’ War to cross dressing confederates and puritan pirates, Kiya Heartwood is "an award-winning American singer-songwriter who writes smart, funny and poignant songs about the famous and not-so-famous legends of America." Heartwood’s show will be performed five times at the Orlando Art Museum over the course of the Orlando International Fringe Festival.
  Kiya Heartwood’s Song Tales from the American Edge was featured at last summer’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. There were over 30,000 worldwide and UK based artists who performed at this event, with Heartwood’s show receiving a four stars review from Broadway Baby Magazine. The performance dates for the Orlando Fringe are : May 14th Press and Other Artist Preview Thursday, May 14th 1 pm, Saturday, May 16 8:30 pm Sunday, May 17 1:30 pm Tues, May 19th 6:15 pm Thursday, May 21st 8 pm Saturday, May 23, 2 pm. Tickets are $10 and available here.
  Kiya Heartwood (Stealin Horses, Wishing Chair) lives in Austin, TX and has been performing for more than 30 years. Regarding this latest production Heartwood stated, “To me it's great to sing the stories of the underdogs and outsiders who aren't living on Wall Street bonuses. As Margaret Atwood wrote in The Handmaid's Tale, “We were the people who were not in the papers. We lived in the blank white spaces at the edges of print. It gave us more freedom. We lived in the gaps between the stories. Those are the stories I want to tell.” The Orlando Art Museum is a new venue for this year’s Fringe Festival. The Orlando Art Museum is located at 2416 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL, 32803, Orlando, FLA
About Singer Songwriter Kiya Heartwood:
Kiya Heartwood lives and works in Austin, Texas. Her career began in Lexington Kentucky with the Arista rock band, Stealin Horses and she was half of the folk rock duo, Wishing Chair. Kiya was the primary songwriter and lead singer for both groups. Heartwood’s second solo CD, Palo Duro will be released this June. For more information, videos, listening and tour dates
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Telephone: 1-512-568-6936
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Three Weeks Review 8/21/14

"......Channelling down-home friendliness and shades of Janis Joplin, Heartwood is a fine and engaging storyteller. Quickly winning over the crowd, she soon has the audience singing along, and leaves them pondering those seldom told tales." 
[Dave Fargnoli] Three Weeks Magazine

Fest Magazine 8/9/2014

8/9/2014 Fest Magazine Live Show Review by Alice Saville 

"The Edge, here, is a more marginal America that isn’t always a winner - made up of ordinary people, fighting or escaping the country’s relentless narrative of capitalism, cheap labour and globalisation. Kiya Heartwood is an acoustic guitarist and singer-songwriter from oddball oasis, Austin, Texas; but she sings tales of underdogs from all over, with a distinctly American, soulful sincerity.

........she’s clearly capable of wrestling an audience tens of times this tiny size into foot-stamping, chorus-joining submission. A soulless Edinburgh black box space might not be the best place to cosy up to her distinctive, atmospheric songs, but she’s a seasoned enough performer to light up any room with flickering, folksy warmth."

****Broadway Baby Review

Short Stories - True Song Tales from the American Edge is an acoustic solo show from Kiya Heartwood, an award-winning American singer-songwriter. Her songs are based in American folk tradition and tell the stories of some of America’s famous (and not so famous) legends. Within her repertoire are songs about the real Calamity Jane, the last of the great American race horses and a cross dressing confederate. Heartwood’s songs are easy listening, with a beautiful country quality that transports you to America’s folk lands.

Her songs have a personal and heartfelt quality, injected with a good amount of humour and sentiment. Heartwood’s career in the States has spanned nearly thirty years. She was the lead singer and songwriter in the folk rock band Stealin’ Horses and was one half of the folk duo Wishing Chair. She is now pursuing a solo career, performing at the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time.

Heartwood has an endearing personality and she does a good job of bringing her audience into the songs, talking about the history that surrounds each one and getting the audience to sing along. She begins with The Ballad of the Pralltown Café and soon gets the audience joining in on the chorus. Following songs include Calamity Jane; the fantastic country song, Sue Mundy, about the cross dressing confederate; and the lively Higher Ground. While she doesn’t quite reach the raw power of some of the more renowned great folk and country singers, her songs have a personal and heartfelt quality, injected with a good amount of humour and sentiment. These are songs about America’s rich history and the real enjoyment that you get from listening to them is their ability take you into times and places long gone.
Fans of storytelling, American history and folk and country music should get a lot of pleasure from Heartwood’s modest solo set." 

By Dave House Broadway Baby**** stars