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In the picture of the champions of 1921
I see the kindness and the power
in the women I come from.
But I feel the wind blow through me.
I’m afraid I’m not that strong.
Can you help me find a way to carry on?
You can feel their expectations,
Father, Mother, Son
And you wonder if you’ve made it.
Was there more you could have done?
And those of us who know
We weren’t meant to matter much.
They told us with their eyes and in their touch.
How do you change your( our) fortune?
Rewrite your(our) destiny?
Reach deep inside your(our) beauty.
Find the roots of the Living Tree.
Find the roots of the Living Tree.
There are friends that stand beside you.
Friends that walk away.
There are places that will hold you.
Places you can’t stay.
Now I’m reaching high my branches.
Sinking deep to water flow.
This is the truest wisdom that I know.
Will you be my true companion
on this open road?
We must fight to tell our stories.
We will sing them as we go.
and we'll make our lives together
Though we may not be that strong.
We must always find a way to carry on.