From the recording The Living Tree


I built my house on a burial ground.
Ghosts and spirits were all around.
I hear bumping,
I am never alone.
Forgotten crypts
and forgotten bones.

The weather changed and
the sky grew grey.
A flat tire.
Help was miles away.
An empty road
then a sudden sound.
A crack of lightning
and the rain came down.


He said the same,
those were her very words.
Voices behind the voices you heard.
Déjà vu, you could put a foot wrong.
Find you’re buried
in the catacombs.


In a place where
mistakes have been made.
You find yourself
in an early grave.
Keep your wits
and study the signs
Just keep returning
to the scene of the crime.

When you find that
happy home.
Read the fine print
on that tombstone.
Burn your sage and
whisper your charms.
Light signal fires,
sound the alarms.

Hey hey Ya Hey
Hey hey Ya Hey
Hey hey Ya
Hey Hey Ya