From the recording The Living Tree

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It was the Ferris wheel
It was too high for me.
So I closed my eyes,
pulled down the bar
and prayed for gravity.
I felt you're heartbeat then.
It was steady as she goes.
I took your hand and I knew then
that I would never let you go.

Waves crashing down.
Lulled by the sound
of the tides that come and go.
If the eather is clear, the stars that we steer by
light us here below.

Changing my future, changing my name, I will raise my voice.
Tracing the patterns of trouble and shame, I will make my choice.

And as the lights came down.
You were a friend to me.
The earth underneath tilted complete
with sudden electricity.
And then the words you spoke. Only I could hear.
Strong arrows flew,
split me in two
and I gave my heart to you.