From the recording The Living Tree

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Lyrics by Kiya Heartwood. Music by Kiya Heartwood and Jai Winding

I've been lost in my worry
Day would just pass me by
now i'm walking in a hurry
There's no need to analyze
Grown so tired of grieving
for what I did
and what I did not do
Tried so hard to please you
Bending, breaking
I'd do anything for you
Turnaround and start walking.
There's so far we can go.
Times I've felt torn wide open.
Times the healing goes so slow.
I've been writing in my notebooks
I've been swallowing my pride
There's a day I feel so badly
and the nights I have to cry
looking through this window
melting a solid heart of steel
Gotta take my shot and
make something real


There's a fear that can choke you
lock you in and bleed you dry
You can dream the door wide open
You can walk beneath the sky.