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We've done our time
There's not much left to say
We gave it all we had
then we threw it all away
Everything we said
everything we did
is like a line of photographs
Now they're fading
into the past.

I'm still waiting here
I'm still waiting here for you
Turning a finer
finer shade of blue

I've got no comfort
I'm so far from my home
Good friends try and help me
but I'm better on my own
I just can't rest easy
There's just no place to hide
Seems I gambled
Now nothing satisfies
Can you tell me why?
Tell me what I'm supposed to do?
To shake this finer
finer shade of blue.

Won't you carry
Won't you carry me away
I'll take the fastest horses
the buckskin and the grey
I'll leave this hurt behind me
Gonna ride the whole night through
till that sky turns
a finer shade of blue

Wont be waiting here
Wont be waiting here for you
when that sky turns
a finer shade of blue